Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Specialize in something Good

Craig Garber:

In business, "positioning" is everything. It creates your
differential (why someone should work with YOU over your
competition), it gives you a reason why you exist, and it
also, when used effectively... creates scarcity, solidifies
your place in the market, and allows you to charge higher
prices than anyone else.

The secret to positioning is to simply make whatever's
different about you, your strength.

But sometimes it's hard to see this difference when you're
looking at your own business. So today I want to share a
story with you that gives you another perspective. The
story, whose author is unknown, is called...

"One Trick Pony"

There was a 10-year old little boy, who's left arm had sadly
been amputated -- the result of a tragic automobile

The little boy decided he wanted to learn judo, and so he
began studying under an old Sensei.

His Sensei was a patient but demanding teacher, a
well-respected Chinese judo expert. And even though the
boy learned quickly, he was frustrated. See, after three
months, the boy had only learned one move.

He pleaded with his Sensei to teach him more moves, but the
Sensei held firm that this was the only move he would ever
need to know.

To prove this, he entered the boy into a tournament, and he
quickly advanced to the finals. However, his opponent in
this final match was much bigger, and far more experienced,
and the odds seemed to be stacked against this one-armed
little boy.

Yet, after a long match, his opponent began losing
concentration. The boy sensed this, and quickly took
advantage of it. He pinned his opponent and scored a
highly unlikely win.

In the car on the way home from the tournament, the boy
asked his Sensei, "Sensei, how was it possible I was able
to win with only one move?"

The Sensei replied, smiling, "You have mastered one of the
most difficult moves in all of judo. And the ONLY defense
against this move, is for your opponent to grab your left

If you're smart, and if you work at it... sometimes even your
biggest weakness... can become... your greatest strength.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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