Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stop Screaming

Some of the most successful ad campaigns I've created for radio were relationship oriented. Not the screaming buy now, Buy Now, BUY NOW, BUY NOW, BUY NOW campaigns that are still being aired by too many advertisers.

So it makes a lot of sense that this is also true online:

Consumers Responsive to a Light Touch Online

Against a backdrop of blinking ads and aggressive product pitches, online consumers are increasingly responsive to subtlety and soft sells.

That's according to recent data from MTV Networks and InsightExpress, which found that audiences liked -- and were more apt to remember -- short-lived pre-roll and overlay ad combinations.

What's more, to surmount negative audience attitudes toward online video ads, marketers will need to develop a mix of ad formats that suits the increasingly varied content consumed, according to eMarketer.

Specifically, a less intrusive mix of pre-roll and other ad delivery formats, such as overlays, is recommended to reduce audience resistance. Video ads attached to traditional content -- for example, TV programs -- are more likely to evoke positive audience attitudes than other types of online video.

"It will mean making the length of video ads suitable to the length of content, so that they are not too pushy, and devoting resources to develop high-quality video creative that is well-targeted to the intended online audience," said David Hallerman, eMarketer senior analyst.

Marketers still generally shun user-generated video, according to eMarketer, but the proliferation of short professional content gives them more opportunities for video advertising.

Of particular note, choosing an appropriate amount of advertising for the content and its audience will be key, eMarketer makes clear.

TV and online video are not one and the same -- the Internet audience does not necessarily respond to the same ads in the same way they would after viewing them on TV.

Therefore, developing ad creative just for Internet video will give marketers a competitive edge.

(Source: Online Media Daily, 10/06/09)

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