Wednesday, October 07, 2009


from Craig Garber:

Order forms are near and dear to my heart.


Because that's where your prospect becomes a buyer. It's
the final 'handshake' of the deal, if you will.

But there are a number of things you need to bear in mind
when you're designing your order form, to keep the ball
moving. See, if you're buyers are gonna bail, they're most
likely to do right here. So you want to be very clever
when it comes to putting your order form together.

Here are 3 order form secrets you want to be all over:

1. First, don't make a big deal about your order form. I
don't care whether you're doing direct mail or whether
you're creating a web page online, the order form is NOT
the time for big glitzy graphics and lots of hoopla going

Imagine, if you were buying a car, and just before you
walk into the financing guy's office (which is intimidating
enough, unless you've gone out of your way to control these
folks), as you walk through the door, someone puts a party
hat over your head and bells and whistles start going off.

Might make you feel strange, no?

Might make you think, "Hmmm... what's really going on

So the first thing you want to do is make your order form
as simple and ordinary as possible. If it's not natural
and ordinary to your prospect, then ordering won't be
natural to them either, and that is NOT the environment you
want to create.

2. Second, consider putting upsells on your order form.
The best time to sell someone something else, is when
they're getting ready to buy from you.

This is why you're surrounded by crap at the register in
your grocery store. You're primed to grab a few more
things and drop them on the counter at this point, and most
of us do just that.

3. And lastly, make sure you offer multiple ways of

When I use direct mail, for example, there are always
three ways of ordering: fax, phone, or postal mail, and
many times I also have a fourth way - I point them to a

Even online - when you go to any of my ordering pages,
you can also order by phone or fax.

Again, this makes things much easier for your buyers.

And easy... is good.

Now before I go, let me just say this: every time I say
something even remotely negative about car salesman, or the
car selling process, I get a half-dozen guys sending in
e-mails here about how much they hate me and how they're

That would be like me getting all up in a roar with
someone because they said I'm bald.

Why the truth is so painful for some people, I just don't

I'd rather spend my time focusing on the positive energy
in life, than the negative, but... who knows? Maybe I'm
missing something...

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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