Friday, July 17, 2009

Out of Sight & Out of Your Mind

I was having lunch this week with a friend and the subject of answering the phone came up in conversation.

We both have a pet peeve about the receptionist who rushes through the name of the business when they answer the phone in such a manner that you're not sure if you've called the right number!

The person that answers your phone, or that greets your customers sets the tone for your business. They could be the most important part of your marketing.

If they are not doing a good job, no amount of advertising can replace the losses you and your company will suffer from a front desk person that hates their job.

If you've got an employee like this, you're out of your mind to keep them in that position. If you do, you could be out of business. But don't just take my word for it, read Seth's perspective:

Mowing the lawn

I used to hate the lawn.

Growing up, we lived on a curved street, and as a result, our house had a back lawn much bigger than normal. My job was to mow it, using an old, noisy, non-sharp, broken down mower. I remember it taking about 14 hours a week.

I hated everything about that lawn.

I wonder how your customer service people feel?

Does it show?

Every person who does marketing, sales, product design or any other job that influences customers directly should spend at least an hour a week answering the customer service lines, using the same tools your customer service people use. Out of sight is not so good, out of mind is inexcusable.

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