Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Max with the Min

Craig Garber:

Hi Scott,

Recently, I said, "So before you do anything
else... before you try and sell something... you have to
find people who want to buy your stuff, first. This way,
there's no "convincing" going on. Because like I always
say, the convincing business sucks.

So sometime today, go and review your marketing and make
sure you're not wasting time and money putting all the
right messages in front of the all the wrong people."

In case you weren't 100% clear on this, let me explain the
biggest benefit of doing this. What it comes down to is
whether or not you want to chase prospects (and business)
down, or whether you want to attract them and BE chased
down, instead.

See, when you find people who already what to buy whatever it
is you're selling, then all you need to do is put your
offer in front of them, and they'll either come to you...
or they won't. At this point, your job is just to give
them enough of an excuse to buy from you instead of someone

And whether they do this or not, depends on how hungry they
are and how tempting you make it for them.

No different than putting cookies out on the table for your
kids just before they get home from school. You know they
want them, it's just a matter of how many they're going to
eat. Just the same way you don't have to convince your
kids to eat freshly-baked cookies, you shouldn't have to
convince your prospects to buy stuff from you, either.

If you're always thinking about "attracting" over "chasing,"
then you'll be speaking to the right audience in your
marketing, and any potential 'convincing' you might
otherwise be inclined to put into an ad, will automatically
be eliminated.

This way you're only speaking to those people who are
qualified prospects in the first place. And THAT is how
you make maximum money with minimum customers.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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