Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sales in 5 Steps

On Vacation, so here's a blast from the past:

It's really this simple

John Potter of the Radio Advertising Bureau has come to town a few times and done some training for some of our new sales staff over the years. John wrote this in an email that R.A.B. members can receive and it is excellent advice no matter what you are selling:

Sales Tip from the RAB Training Academy: Why Prospects Buy

By John Potter, VP/Director, RAB Radio Training Academy

Do not expect prospects to buy because you want them to. Think about why prospects say yes to you. Here's a short list:

1. They like you (relationships are important).

2. They believe you understand their needs.

3. They trust your recommendations.

4. The price is within reason.

5. They think you can help them make more money than they spend.

It's all about focusing on the prospect.

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