Monday, June 01, 2009

The Early Bird

Gets more than a worm. I like to live like this.. (from an email):

This Week's Sales Tip: I've always made it my business to be the first one in the office every morning. There are many advantages to starting your day early. Here are five great ones:
1. The office is quiet and you can really concentrate on planning your day.
2. The computers, copy and fax machines are all your's.
3. Knocking out a batch of prospecting emails early morning can really add up over the days and weeks.
4. Business owners are always in the office early morning without receptionists and gatekeepers.
5. Starting your day at 7:00 AM instead of 8:00 AM gives you an extra six and a half weeks of selling time over the course of the year.
When the other AE's in the department are hitting the snooze button, you're building your account list. Starting your day an hour earlier is a little tipping point that will yield you very big results.

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