Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Do you Twitter?

A couple months ago at an Advertising Federation Board Meeting, someone mentioned that "Scott is person who you should talk to about twitter and blogs and the social media..." Someone else piped up that they thought Twitter was a waste of time.

Well, yes, Twitter can be a waste of time.

Watching Television 20 hours a week can be a waste of time too.

But if you are watching TV shows that help you, you can argue that last point. (I'm not sure what shows that would be, personally).

But here's a follow up to yesterdays sales training feature on twitter and how it can be more than a waste of time.

I Saw You On Twitter

Posted: 29 May 2009 05:00 AM PDT

I was at a networking event the other evening when I reached out to shake hands with a new connection and I said, "I am Jeff Garrison."

She responded, "Yes, from Twitter." She had sent me a direct message earlier in the week in regards to one of my Tweets.

We skipped the "what do you do "and "what company are you with" conversation. We already had made a virtual connection.

Tell me it doesn't have business value.

Tell me it is a waste of time.

I don't care.

You make cold calls.

I'll make connections!

And you can find me on twitter @ScLoHo .

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