Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Power of Twitter & Marketing

A lot has been said about Twitter as more and more folks jump on. However, estimates show that 60% also jump off within 30 days.

Actually, they don't go anywhere. People just don't use it, because they don't see how or why.

Twitter is just a communication tool. A combination of Instant Messenger, Text Messaging and the web.

You can use it anyway you want really, to communicate with friends or as a promotion vehicle because you can include links.

Marketing via twitter? Yes. Trading thoughts and opinions? Yes. Do a quick poll among followers? Yes again.

This morning Seth Godin posted a piece on Marketing and I did a quick poll on twitter and got a few responses back. Read them for yourself:

First, Seth's Blog:

Find your voice

Marketing (in all its forms) is unlike everything else an organization does, because it's always different. There's no manual because everyone does it differently, and what successful marketers have in common is that they are successful.

The only way your organization is going to make an impact is to market in the way only you can. Not by following some expert's rules or following the herd, but by doing it in the way that works. For you. Don't worry about someone else's invented standards for new media, invent your own. Avoid obvious mistakes, don't follow obvious successes.

Find your voice, don't copy someone else's.

Now my message on twitter:

ScLoHo Okay, quick poll in 140 characters. Do you agree or disagree with Seth?

And here's what people said in the next 5 minutes:

dchunter @ScLoHo RE: Seth--Avoid mistakes and just succeed? I hadn't thought of that! Super advice! After all we are all unique snowflakes! Thx ;)

GloveBoxGourmet @ScLoHo I agree BUT it certainly doesn't hurt to study the Greats. All "Original" ideas were inspired from what already exists.

carrollmkt @ScLoHo Seth is right. Marketing is an evolutionary process different for most. Try new things for target audience, may work now, not later

And here's one of my favorites:

jonswerens » @ScLoHo It's always humorous to listen to an expert tell me to not listen to experts.

Now my mantra is simple, new marketing ideas that create positive emotions about you or your product/service are always a step in the right direction, but there is so much more to consider too, which you can read about on my other marketing blog by clicking here.

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