Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wizard Wisdom

The latest update from Craig Arthur:


When writing ads, proposals and presentations, remember...

"If you would be pungent, be brief: for it is with words as it is with sunbeams, the more they are condensed the deeper they burn." - Robert Southey, 19th Century English poet.

The 2-part article "Goodbye AdSpeak... Hello Intimacy," is this week's Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams. Even if you have read the memo, please take time and read again. Why? Because customer communication or marketing is changing. And if you wish to stay in business you need to digest and implement this advice. It's that important.

What is Your Message Worth?

Excerpt: I’ve heard countless businesses talk about their products in relation to a competitors by using the old saying “you pay for what you get”. Guess what, that same rule applies to creative concepts and intellectual property… that’s our product and you pay for what you get.

How much are you paying? How much are you getting?

Read the full story... What is Your Message Worth?

Goodbye AdSpeak... Hello Intimacy (Part 1)

Excerpt: How to Avoid “AdSpeak” in Your Ads.

1. Limit self-reference. Reduce the number of times you refer to your company or your product in your ads. (New York Times bestselling authors Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg offer a free, online analysis of ad copy at Their “We-We Calculator
” scores ad copy instantly. Just copy and paste your ad into the text-block and the software does the rest.

Read the full story... Goodbye AdSpeak... Hello Intimacy (Part 1)

Goodbye AdSpeak... Hello Intimacy (Part 2)

Excerpt: The natural progression of human intimacy is well documented and easily observed. It is hardwired into our cultural DNA. Remember, the strongest relationships are those that allow sufficient time for each stage. The customer who moves quickly from first contact to first purchase is not likely to become a loyal customer.

Let’s look at the 12 Stages of Intimacy
as they relate to business:

1. Eye to Body
* general awareness.
In Business: Name Recognition.

2. Eye to Eye
* each person knows the other has seen them.
In Business: Targeted advertising is purchased to reach the customer.

Read the full story... Goodbye AdSpeak... Hello Intimacy (Part 2)

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A Closing Thought
Your core message or strategy, is what determines the success of your advertising. Your media choice is purely secondary. So who is determining your message, your strategy... the local radio station, your media sales rep, your spouse, your well meaning friends? Are any of these people qualified to advise on such a critical factor in the success of your business?

See you next week.

Craig Arthur
Wizard of Ads

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