Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beyond 9/11

Today is a day of reflection for many of us in the United States. Most of us know where we were 10 years ago when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center.

We look back on the monumental occasions and often let the other, less noticeable events fade away.

Last weekend as I was skimming my emails I found a piece from Seth Godin that reminds us to pay more attention.

May it motivate both of us to make some positive changes in the week ahead:

The Sunday Seth:

Not fade away

Most partnerships don't end up in court.

Most friendships don't end in a fight.

Most customers don't leave in a huff.

Instead, when one party feels underappreciated, or perhaps taken advantage of, she stops showing up as often. Stops investing. Begins to move on.

No, I'm not going to sue you. Yes, I'll probably put my best efforts somewhere else.

Just because there are no firestorms on the porch doesn't mean you're doing okay. More likely, there are relationships out there that need more investment, quiet customers who are unhappy but not making a big deal out of it. They're worth a lot more than the angry ones.

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