Monday, July 11, 2011

Giving It Away

The company I work for, Cirrus ABS has been stepping up our seminar schedule and it is working.

Check our website or email me: for upcoming seminars we will be doing in Indiana.

Jim Connolly explains why this works:

See how quickly you can build a high quality client list: No selling required!

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 10:30 AM PDT

This post will show you how to attract inquiries from high quality prospective clients; people who will already know who you are AND value your work AND want to work with you. Oh, and no selling required!

Let me start with a quick question:

How much valuable information have you given away for free to your prospective clients this year?

I’m talking about free guides, informative blog posts, newsletter articles; the kind of content that has independent value. Not sales pitches, brochures, special offers or ads.

No selling required!

Here’s the thing: If you want an endless stream of high quality leads, you need your prospective clients thinking about you and talking about you. You need to regularly give them something, which they will want to share with their colleagues, friends and social networks. This not only spreads your name like a virus throughout your marketplace, it also positions you in their minds as an expert in your field. That’s worth a fortune.

Most small business owners waste their time, trying to get their marketplace excited using sales messages. They haven’t figured out yet, that they need to develop a relationship with their marketplace, if they want to attract the best inquiries. When you just send sales material into your marketplace, you are missing the point. You are trying to sell to people, before you have earned their attention. It’s like asking someone for a date, before you even say hello to them.

Educate: Don’t sell

The secret to attracting high quality inbound sales leads is to stop selling to your marketplace and start engaging them. Educate them, don’t sell to them. Help them with their problems. Contribute to their business by sharing valuable free advice, using the one-to-many method. Build relationships with the kind of people who buy from you.

Through the distribution of valuable, free information, you can engage your prospective clients, making it easy and natural for them to turn to you when they need a new provider. The results can be breathtaking, even life changing. I have developed a whole website, dedicated 100% to this subject!

The educate don’t sell approach is how I generate 100% of the daily inquiries I receive via this blog. It’s the most effective form of marketing I have seen, in my 25 years in the business. It’s a zero pressure way to build a massively valuable client list of amazing people, who really appreciate the value of your work. And with no selling required.

You can find out more in this Attraction Marketing post!

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