Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Fashioned P.R.

Some people are still confused as to what P.R. stands for.

The P.R. I'm talking about is Public Relations. Some think that the P.R. of Public Relations is all about another P.R. Press Release.

Not anymore. These are the same people who send things via Fax Machine.

Action speaks louder than words and Action creates Public Relations like this example from Home Depot:

Home Depot Steers Money To Help Veterans

The Home Depot Foundation is refocusing its giving on veterans' organizations and rehabilitating houses, a change for the philanthropic arm of the home improvement retailer.

In the past, the foundation had primarily donated for new construction -- pledging in 2007 to build 100,000 new homes, for example -- and to that end, given to a variety of nonprofits.

On Thursday, the foundation announced a three-year, $30 million commitment to address issues in veterans' housing. Home Depot Foundation president Kelly Caffarelli said the organization is ending relationships with some organizations, like The Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Green Building Council, to redirect money to its new cause.

"We're shifting as much as we can," she said. "It's a longstanding commitment the company's had. We just haven't talked about it."

In 2010, the foundation donated $36 million to a variety of causes and Caffarelli said she expects that figure to be similar in 2011. The group also gave $43 million in in-kind donations in 2010.

Caffarelli said Home Depot volunteers will make the cash donations stretch further, providing labor for organizations that are receiving the rehabilitation funds.

Community giving will continue, she said, but will often have a focus on veterans' issues.

(Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 04/14/11)

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