Saturday, March 05, 2011

Don't Rush It

from my email:

Daily Sales Tip: When Negotiating, Great Sellers Talk Value

He asks, "how much is it?"

Undergraduate sales trainers call this a "hot button" and say "it's time to close."

Great Post-Graduate sellers know that the "sale" hasn't gotten to the "I must have it" stage yet and there's more work to do before it's time for the pricing conversation. "How much is it" is a knowing or unknowing expression on the part of the buyer which implies, "if this stuff is cheap enough, maybe I'll go for it."

The reality is, the presentation has gotten the buyer to "it's a nice doo-dad, but I have seven already. If it's cheap, ok."

So you say, "let's make sure we've nailed down the proposition. The idea I've put together to jump start/grow/expand/make more profitable/get more customers for...your business, starts with the notion...makes sense right?"

If he responds, "right" follow with, "and then I and my support team will make sure that the implementation is perfect by get that right?"

If he is still enthusiastic in his responses, you offer "well I'm happy to tell you that the project is reasonably priced for both of us at ________."

Then he says, "Great," right? Nah. He coughs and says, "that's way too much/ about ________?"

And you respond, "Mr. Jones, the value you will receive as a result of this targeted plan and the effort that will be expended to grow your business is very fairly priced for both of us. That will make it a successful partnership."

Smile, shut up, and wait for his "Let's go."

Source: Sales manager/consultant Bob Sherman

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