Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 for 11

10 sales tips from for 2011:

10 Simple Tips for Staying Productive
by Andrea Nierenberg
You may be thinking "Yeah, yeah I know." Because these tips are so simple they are often dismissed and never acted on. It may be time to take a new look. If just one increases your productivity, reading this will be time well spent.

Recently I was reviewing some great ideas for increasing daily production when I came across some advice that is right on target for every sales professional. See which ones you may not be using and incorporate them into your day.

1. Write down your daily goals—when we put them to pen and paper or on your desktop, there is more commitment.

2. Have your call list ready before the day starts every day.

3. Listen to or read something motivational — 5-10 minutes is all you need daily.

4. Eat a balanced and healthy breakfast and do some sort of exercise.

5. Review your business plan and if you don't have one write one.

6. Be prepared for all appointments on the phone and in person.

7. Appreciate and encourage someone today. Remember to actually do this. It is one thing to think about it and another to act on it.

8. Get at least one referral every day.

9. Say thank you—verbally or through the written word at least 3 times a day.

10. Keep your desk neat and throw out or file anything you have not acted on in the last 30 days—act on it now or delegate.

Andrea Nierenberg is the president of The Nierenberg Group, a business communications company with a total process for educating, motivating and connecting people. Learn more at

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randy said...

While listening to or reading something for 5-10 minutes is a good strategy - I might suggest an addition. Practice, role-play, and rehearse. By practicing before you start your sales calls you not only polish your skills, but also put yourself in a positive, I expect to connect, frame of mind.