Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Fallacy of Research

First off, I'm not against getting quality information before you take action.

But I work with a number of advertising agencies who place media buys on my radio stations and sometimes what they do is pretty stupid.

I've tried to teach some of these media buyers how to place commercials for their clients that will get better results than the schedules these folks have been trained to do based on formulas (and not common sense).

For more on the Dangers of Demographics, look at what I wrote here: http://sclohonet-thebook.blogspot.com/2010/11/who-and-where-are-your-customers.html

And check out what Pat McGraw says too:

Data is Over-rated, Mine for Gold

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 06:00 AM PST

You have too much data – too much stuff floating around, distracting you.

What you really need is information. Actionable information. The kind of information you can use to make well informed decisions.

Then you need to act. You need to take the appropriate steps necessary to bring that opportunity to life.

And in order to prove to all those doubters that you made the right decision, you need to have a clearly defined goal that signifies success combined with a clear, accurate way to measure and report on how your actions delivered specific results.

For most of us, data is noise that distracts, annoys. Information and insight is what we seek – and that takes a plan for quickly, accurately sifting through all that data so you can find the nuggets of gold.

So, do you need to capture more data? Or do you need to figure out how to turn data into insightful information so you can make better informed decisions?

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