Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't say this

from Jim Meisenheimer:

I Think Maybe I Can

I probably know what you're thinking, who would ever say something
like, "I think maybe I can?"

Well, I actually heard a sales representative say these words
during a sales call.

I was totally flabbergasted at what I heard.

I just couldn't believe he just said what he just said!

This is more common than you might imagine.

Stop and think for a minute. What's going on in your mind during
a sales call?

You're either talking or listening - probably talking, and
probably talking too much.

You're trying to cover all the bases.

If it's your first sales call to a sales prospect you're
definitely trying to create a favorable first impression.

You're also trying to anticipate objections.

You're also thinking about defending your price.

You're probably talking fast because you know your sales
prospect is a busy guy and won't be giving you all the time
you need.

Look, you're on the firing line. If you're like most salespeople
you can and do improvise what you say most of the time.

Unless you have prepared and practiced in advance, certain
elements of the sales call, what else can you do but improvise?

And when you improvise guess what happens?

What happens is you're likely to say things you don't remember

Just like the poor chap I was working with who said, "I think
maybe I can."

When the sales rep and I got back to his car and I asked him,
"What prompted you to say, I think maybe I can?"

He looked at me as though I had just threw a bucket of ice cold
water at him.

He said, "I said that?"

Of course, I had to say, "Yup!"

It was like he was, "Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered."

He just couldn't believe he said, "I think maybe I can" - but
he did.

Imagine - if you heard these words from:

Your surgeon says, "I think maybe I can do this operation for

Your dentist says, "I think maybe I can extract this tooth for

Your airline pilot says, "I think maybe I can get you to Chicago

Your golf pro says, "I think maybe I can improve your golf game."

Certainly, if you heard someone say this to you, your first
instinct would be to skedaddle out of there immediately.

The way I see it if you're a professional sales representative
you shouldn't be saying something like this.

The bigger problem, however,is not realizing that you said it.

How many other things are you saying unconsciously?

Wouldn't you like to know for sure? Of course!

Most salespeople are optimists by nature and I know that.

And I also know that most of you reading this article truly
believe you're not saying things like this.

Well, you probably are!

I put together a collection of 31 pathetic phrases like, "I think
maybe I can."

There's a good chance you're saying some of these things you
shouldn't be saying when you're talking to your sales prospects
and customers.

I put them all in a Webinar titled, "How To Avoid Sounding
Pathetic During A Sales Call."

The Webinar is scheduled for December 9th.

You're either saying these things or you're not saying these
things and there's really only one way to find out.

Please keep reading . . .


How To Avoid Sounding Pathetic
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The tide is turning and I'm very optimistic that things in our
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Let's go sell something by focusing on value - not price . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

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P.S. - You should know by now that Sales Trailblazers aren't
born, they're made.

Lao-tzu, a Chinese Philosopher (604 BC - 521 BC) once said,
"A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."

To become a Sales Trailblazer you must take a single step.

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