Sunday, November 28, 2010

4 Outcomes

from the Talking Media Blog:

Any basic media training will tell you that there are four standard negotiation approaches. They are:

  1. Win-Win – when both parties win the same amount, there is often some type of concession
  2. Win-not lose – I won and you did not lose.
  3. Win-lose – I won, you lost, and you know you lost
  4. Win-whatever – your objective is to win, their outcome is not important to you.

Which of these negotiation philosophies work best?

Win – Win

In any negotiation is the best possible option – both parties have come together and realize that they can work together and reach an agreement. Both parties equally feel that the negotiations have been mutually beneficial to each partner.

Win – not lose

There is often a perception that this negotiation philosophy isn’t fair to the other party. That one party is going to receive less than the other.

The key to this negotiation philosophy is its okay for one party to have a bigger win than the other.

Here’s an example of that:

Factor up or Down

In a recent negotiation with the client I purposely went in with a higher commission rate knowing that in most cases when I deal with these particular clients I may have to negotiate down.

I factored that into the negotiations, and when the time came to negotiate I was able to only concede half of what I originally thought I would have to. For me that is a win -not lose negotiation tactic. My client received what they thought was a fair deal and was happy with what they got, and I received a little bit more than I thought I would get.

Negotiation doesn’t always have to be win-win. The key to any successful negotiation is pre-negotiation tactics, decide what you going to give away, or negotiate on, before you go to the meeting. A good negotiation is more about planning than anything else.

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