Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Decide

Last month I got a call from a Marketing/Advertising agency that was turning down a potential client.

My friend at the agency, told me that the $10,000 budget was too small for them to work with.

In reality, it was also not the type of work that their agency focuses on.

When the referral came to me, I considered it. The money would have been nice, but what they needed and the time it would take... I decided to pass too.

Instead I checked around and found two other agencies that would do the work and passed along the info.

Seth Godin wrote about this:

Choosing your customers

Yes, you get to choose them, not the other way around. You choose them with your pricing, your content, your promotion, your outreach and your product line.

When choosing, consider:

How much does this type of customer need you

How difficult is this sort of person to find...

and how difficult to reach

How valuable is a customer like this one...

and how demanding?

It's not a matter of who can benefit from what you sell. It's about choosing the customers you'd like to have.

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