Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sell ALL the Benefits

Short Term thinking could be holding you back:

Daily Sales Tip: Selling Future Benefits

Most salespeople sell the current benefits of what they do. But your customers already know the current benefit you offer.

One of the reasons customers leave you for a competitor is that you haven't cemented the future benefit you can bring them. Your goal as a salesperson should be to establish a long-term, problem-solving relationship with customers rather than a short-term transaction.

Your most profitable customer is a repeat customer. Therefore, you want customers to see the benefit you can give them over time, not just in the present. You want to show how the products and services you offer are going to be evolving with their needs. In other words, you want to sell the evolution of your products or services.

Unfortunately, most salespeople don't know their future benefit. Therefore, you need to sit down with your fellow salespeople and create a list of future benefits that you have for your customers. Also, talk to the people developing the products and services and get an idea of where they're taking them.

Realize that you're more likely to deliver future benefits if you think of them ahead of time. As a side benefit, this kind of dialogue will also help internal communications within the company.

Source: Business strategist Daniel Burrus

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