Sunday, August 01, 2010

Keeping Your Internet Presence Fresh

Today, I've got two stories on this subject. At 2pm, I'll share with you what I did last week.

This story comes from the Radio Advertising Bureau and is targeted to Radio Advertising Sales reps, but you can apply it to your business too.

5 Tips To Enhance Your Image with a Killer Blog

Don't have a blog? Start one and promote it to your clients. Have one? Use these tips to make it killer:

1. Develop a strategy. Plan times of the year when you will update your blog. Write the dates into your calendar. Have a general sense of the kinds of information you will cover and stick to it.

2. Focus on the client. Write about marketing, advertising in general, and successful business tips. Make sure it is all about helping the client, not promoting your station. Sure, you can include a few key features of your station that relate, but always focus on providing useful information to the client.

3. Include a bit of humor. It rewards the client for taking time to visit your blog.

4. Maintain consistency. Clients should have a good idea of what they will find on your blog each time they visit. Be consistent in presenting your personal brand: "Marketing Consultant."

5. Use all available resources. You don't have to create content totally on your own. Get your ideas, quotes, and data from marketing articles. This saves you time and still makes you look good.

Source: John Potter, VP/Training, Radio Advertising Bureau

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