Monday, August 02, 2010

Give It To Them The Way They Want It

It seems like a simple concept.

Find out what your customers want, and then give it to them.

Unfortunately there's a certain type of business that refuses to change and pay attention to what their customers want and only do things that are easiest for the business.

Those types of businesses will soon be posting "Out of Business" signs in their windows.

Check out this from Mediapost:

Where Shoppers Want to Find Their Promotions

According to a new CrossView survey among shoppers in North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Kansas, to determine' retail promotion preferences, 35% said they were shopping due to a recently received promotion from a retailer. Of those who did not receive a promotion, 68% said they would have been more likely to visit a store if they had been given one. Respondents were 64% female and 36% male.

The survey showed a significant consumer preference for receiving promotions via email as opposed to other methods of delivery. Social media, considered by many retailers as the next wave of consumer communication, ranked nearly last with 9%.

Preferred Retail Promotion Delivery (% of US In-Store Shoppers)

Delivery of Promotion

% of Respondents





Text message




Social Media


Other (TV, Street Sign, Website, Newspaper, etc)


Source: CrossView, July 2010

Mark Fodor, Chief Executive Officer at CrossView "The survey findings... show that delivery methods and consumer preferences are across the board... retailers need to be able to communicate brand, product and promotional messaging consistently across channels."

Among respondents shopping due to a promotion, delivery methods included:

  • 32% Mailer
  • 29% In-Store
  • 27% E-mail
  • 9% Other (TV, Street Sign, Website, Newspaper, etc)
  • 4% Text
  • 0% Social Media

Fodor adds, "... regardless of which technologies are ‘hot,' shoppers expect to navigate between channels based on convenience and personal preference."

The shoppers also indicated willingness to receive other types of communications from retailers. 39% percent of respondents said they would like to receive new product information, 16% requested store opening/closing notices, and 12% said they would like to receive discounts/coupons.

For more information from CrossView, please visit here.

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