Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cold Calls

from my email:

Make That Cold Call!

Are you reluctant to make a cold call?

You're sitting in your office after promising yourself yesterday that you would start making cold calls today...and you reach for the phone and you suddenly remember you need to make a dental appointment, then you remember your dog is overdue for grooming, then it hits you that your spouse's birthday is in two weeks and you need to buy a present. Yes, you are avoiding making your calls.

Here are some tips to help you right now:

1. Take a deep breath -- it will slow down your mental processes that are overactive and chaotic, creating your anxiety. (Yes, it's not cold calling that is causing your anxiety, it's your thought about cold calling.)

2. Make sure that both of your feet are on the floor as you close your eyes and take a second deep breath.

3. Think of a current customer who really believes in you and you are part of their inner circle. Keep thinking of them until a smile comes across your face.

4. What is the value you provide for this customer? What do they say about your products/services? Be specific. Ease yourself into allowing yourself to recognize your value. Jot down the key points.

5. Pick up the phone with the thought of this customer in your mind and that you are simply going to find your next customer.

You can re-train your brain to prospect consistently.

Source: Sales trainer/coach Connie Kadansky (

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