Saturday, February 06, 2010

Beat The Clock?

There are times when I've got a presentation that will take 20 minutes, but my client only has 15.

Do I rush through it or reschedule?

Or do I adapt?

What should you do? (Please don't do the first option!)

Daily Sales Tip: Allow Enough Time for a Decision

Have you ever had a key decision-maker leave in the middle of your presentation because he or she was out of time? You aren't holding the attention of a prospect who is looking at the clock!

At the beginning of the call, ask how much time the prospect has set aside. Then adjust your presentation to take no more than 60 percent of the allotted time.

Why only 60 percent? Because your prospect's decision to act typically occurs at the end of a meeting, so you want to allow enough time to resolve any remaining issues and reach an agreement.

Source: Sales trainer/author Kevin Davis, president of TopLine Leadership Inc.

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