Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why The Web Matters to You

But not just the web, but technology overall.

Yesterday, I was cleaning out some old papers and found a mistake on my auto insurance policy.

I went to the company website and it was down. Seems like this was the problem when I checked them out last month.

So I tried to take care of things the old fashioned way. I called the toll free phone number. It was answered within 30 seconds and I talked to the guy on the other end who told me, I'd have to talk to my agent. However my agent changes every 6 months.

Next I sent a request for suggestions for auto insurance on Twitter & Facebook and within a couple hours got a dozen responses. (This is Word of Moth in the Social Media Age).

Saturday I also opened up my cellphone bill for our family of three. Here's the text message tally:

Me: 109 in one month
Wife: 53 in one month
21 year old daughter: 5077 in one month. That's over 169 per day!

Yep, the world is changing and here's the latest video on this subject:

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