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by Aaron Baar
The Internet-heavy campaign targets moms who are looking for ways to keep their families connected in a world of sometimes isolating personal electronics. The ads stress the family togetherness that can come from sharing music with headlines such as, "Make it a wePod." ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
With a record number of shoppers clicking through bargains, "the past four days have really shown the solidification of the Internet as a primary research tool, both for shopping online but also for doing research before they go into stores," says Dan Shock, Google's retail industry director. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
It supports six major tobacco companies and two other advertising industry groups in a civil suit against the U.S. It argues that regulations on tobacco advertising within the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, passed earlier this year, are unconstitutional because the restrictions taken together make tobacco advertising untenable. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karlene Lukovitz
Given that women expressed significantly more interest than men in having breakfast items available at lunch and dinner, it's particularly important that restaurants considering expanding breakfast items to other dayparts understand women's flavor, ingredient and preparation preferences, points out Technomic EVP Darren Tristano. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
The economy is either climbing back up the cliff or taking a breather on a badly crumbling ledge. Where that leaves consumers, particularly those in the market for new cars and trucks, is out on a limb. A new study suggests that that precarious perch has altered the way consumers respond to car ads. ... Read the whole story > >
Financial Services
by Tanya Irwin
One important item the letters don't spell out is how long it will take to pay off outstanding balances if only minimum payments are made. After February, that information is required to appear on monthly statements as part of the "Plain Language" provision, which requires very specific disclosures that help customers make informed choices. ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
Consumers have increasingly come to expect such partnerships from retailers, a trend started by Target, and followed by Kohl's. "Stores pretty much have to do it, to keep up," says senior research analyst Erika Maschmeyer, "and Penney has done a good job of adding real fashion names, whereas Kohl's has focused on more traditional lines." ... Read the whole story > >
Dockers Backs Khakis In New Global Push

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