Friday, December 04, 2009

The Brush Off

from Art Sobczak:

What to Do With an Immediate Brush Off


At a training seminar this week I was asked what
to do with a prospect who blows you off the phone
even before you can get your opening statement
out of your mouth.

Should you just call back right away and act like
you were disconnected, he asked.

Well, you could, but really, is that going to cause
them to think how clever you are? I doubt it.

If this truly is a prospect that you want to pursue,
consider some alternatives.

First, consider that the prospect might be having a
bad day, or has just experienced an office emergency
requiring immediate attention. Therefore another contact
might be worth the investment, just not right now.

And instead of calling, try an email, fax or a brief note,

"I have the feeling I called you at a bad time the other day.
I apologize. The purpose for my call was to run an idea by
you that could potentially help you to (fill in the blank with
some result they would be interested in). I'd like to ask you
a few questions to determine if we have the basis for a
conversation. I will call you again on Friday, or you can
reach me at at 800-555-2922."

Is this likely to get a high response rate? No, but any
response you get would be better than the flat out "no,"
and the upside return on the investment could be huge.

Another alternative would be to simply place them back in
your calling rotation for a few weeks down the road. They
likely won't remember.

Go and Have Your Best Week Ever!


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