Thursday, November 05, 2009

Survey says....Saturday Spending

But you better not wait until Friday to advertise....

Americans Spend the Most on Saturdays

That's from recent Gallup survey data of consumers' "self-reported average daily spending in stores, restaurants, gas stations, and online." It shows that Americans spend the most on Saturdays, and the least on Tuesdays.

Gallup found some other interesting patterns in the data, too. For example, Americans spend significantly more during weeks when they earn a paycheck. Dennis Jacobe and Jeffrey M. Jones of Gallup say this "paycheck effect" has been particularly strong in recent months. One possible explanation, they say, is that Americans could be less comfortable using credit than they once were, and prefer to shop when they have cash on hand.

The survey also found that average daily self-reported spending was much higher for men than for women -- $73 versus $53, respectively -- and is also highest for adults age 30-49.

Source: The New York Times (11/02/09)

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