Sunday, March 15, 2009

Online Prospecting

Okay, I have been on LinkedIn for about 18 months or more. I use it as a connecting tool and as a way to keep in touch with many of my contacts. Friday, the following came in my email:

Are You LinkedIn?
Networking is an important tool for any salesperson. Top billers around the country tell us they participate in their Chamber of Commerce, service organizations like Kiwanis or Rotary, neighborhood associations, charities, tips clubs, and trade associations.

Virtual networking is important, too. Social networks like Facebook ( and MySpace ( are fine, but the most popular online professional network is LinkedIn (

If you are not familiar with social networks, it will take some time to work your way through setting up an account and populating it with friends, but the time will pay off. Use your social network to communicate with your clients and other Radio sales professionals.

An added benefit is prospecting once you register for a LinkedIn account (free). You can do searches on decision-makers and companies where you might just find helpful information about prospects. And try searching by your city name. You may be surprised how many prospects appear in the results.

Source: John Potter, RAB Vice President/Interactive Revenue Development

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