Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Night Marketing News

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by Karl Greenberg
"Until 2007, it was so much about the badge, the brands; 'more is more' was the rule--now the core of what's becoming important is truth and progress. People want to be informed, make smart decisions and be able to tell their friends why," says Edmunds.com's Stephen Berkov. "It's the Infobahn versus the Autobahn." ... Read the whole story > >
by Aaron Baar
KFC Monday night aired a 30-second television ad in Nashville, Tenn., where tonight's debate is taking place. The silent, black-and-white television ad is intended to capture people's attention, says spokesman Rick Maynard. ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
Millennials are the demographic group most motivated to do good deeds with their purchases: 88% of its 18-to-24 demographic say they are likely to switch from one brand to another if it supports a cause, and 51% have bought a product linked to a cause in the last 12 months, the latest Cone study finds. ... Read the whole story > >
by Les Luchter
Banner ads, on such sites as sportingnews.com and digitalsports.com, lead users to the retailer's first microsite--www.oviestyle.com. The site features behind-the-scenes videos and images of Washington Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin, hockey tops, grooming and hair care advice and wallpaper. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
The deal gives Honda advertising media on NHL.com and during TV broadcasts of games. Honda also gets camera-visible signage during games and events and on-site displays of Honda vehicles at select events. ... Read the whole story > >

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