Monday, June 09, 2008

Ya GOTTA Be Different

Art Sobczak sends out a weekly email complete with a tip and an offer. Here's his latest:

Something to Learn From High Gas Prices


So who isn't bitching about the price of gas right now?

Probably the oil company executives.

I do have to give credit to Phillips 66 though. They have
taken a commodity--gas--and figured out a way to
differentiate their gas from everyone else.

In radio commercials running locally in Omaha they
promote Phillips 66 gas as "higher performing," meaning
that you actually get more miles per gallon, meaning
more for your money.

Now, I'm not sure if I totally believe that, but I do give
them credit for trying. If I'm looking to fill up and I see
two stations across the street from each other, of course
I'm going to pull into the Phillips 66

So, what makes YOU different?

What sets you and your company apart?

What are the advantages you have over your competition?

Let’s face it, lots of companies sell exactly the same thing.

Yet, some thrive while others struggle or go out of business.

What’s the difference?

The Big Three

Most companies can excel in one or two of The Big Three:

1. Price

2. Product/Service Quality/Functionality

3. Service

On another radio commercial I heard a great differential

“At One-Hour Heating and Air, if we’re not on time, you
don’t pay a dime.”

I can look out the window of my office and see a Super
Wal-Mart. Their well-known advantage is plastered on
the building: “Always Low Prices. Always.”

There's a local computer company that runs a great
ad differentiating itself from the big-box electronics
retailers by making fun of how technical and impersonal
the big boys are with customers. Their ads end with
this differentiating line,

“Bottom line, we will be cheaper, faster, and more
polite than the computer chain stores.”

The successful companies do an excellent job of
spreading their message, through advertising,
marketing, PR, and sales. That, of course, is the
one aspect you control.

Too many sales reps think that dialing the phone
and reaching a person is actually selling. No, that’s

For example, “Hi Ms. Prospect. I’m Joe Seller with
Contractor's Supply. We sell drywall supplies, and
I’d like to talk to you about what we have and what
you use.”

Yawn. Worse, it incites resistance.

How about this:

“Hi Ms. Prospect, I’m Joe Seller with Contractor's Supply.
In talking with Jean in your office, I understand that
your installers now spend quite a bit of time leaving
jobs running to your supplier to pick up materials when
they need something. What sets us apart is that we
have trucks out that offer delivery within an hour when
contractors need something. I’d like to ask a few
questions to see if what we offer might be of value to you.”

Of course, the better opening is dependent on the sales
rep gathering some information before speaking with the
decision maker. Which, by the way, should always
happen on prospecting calls.

We go into detail on how to do this, as well as identifying
advantages, and putting it all into a great opening on the
audio CD, “How to Easily Create Telephone Call Openings
that Stimulate Interest, and Avoid Resistance.” See it at

Here’s an exercise right now for you. Brainstorm and
simply fill in the blanks:

“What sets us apart is ________.”

“What makes us different is _______.”

“Something that you’ll get with us, that no one else
offers is ______.”

I’d bet you could use these, or a variation of these in
your own calls.

Set yourself apart, and you’ll see more sales!

If you are serious about sales, and want access to
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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our
aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too
low and we reach it."

Go and Have Your Best Week Ever!


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