Thursday, June 12, 2008

TV Related News Briefs

While cleaning out emails tonight I found these stories from Mediapost:

PBS Goes Commercial on Hulu
The New York Times
While PBS has the luxury of shunning commercials in its TV broadcasts, in the online world PBS is welcoming ads. The publicly supported, not-for-profit television network announced it will be streaming several programs on the Hulu Web site, including "Nova," "Wired Science," "Carrier" and "Scientific American Frontiers."

This isn't the first ad deal that PBS has struck, although it is the first that will get widespread distribution. Hulu will place a 30-second spot before each program, splitting the revenue with PBS. Commercials will only be allowed at the beginning of its shows and ads for tobacco companies and politicians are off limits.

The arrangement is an effort to balance revenue needs with PBS' noncommercial heritage, says Andrew Russell, head of PBS Ventures. "It is very important to carry the principles of public television into these environments," he says. - Read the whole story...

Revamped TV Guide Covers Buzz About Ads
Newly sold and heading for yet another sale, TV Guide has been revamped to be more topical and serve as a filter for its readers. Among the changes: a department devoted to buzz about commercials and online video, as well as TV programs.

The latest redesign is from Debra Birnbaum, promoted to editor last month after Macrovision completed its $2.8 billion purchase of TV Guide parent Gemstar-TV Guide and ousted her predecessor Ian Birch. The redone issue hits newsstands Thursday, and includes more celebrities with Behind the Scenes, showing shots of stars off the set; and Cameo, a first-person celeb column kicked off by Vanessa Williams.

TV Guide execs said the title turned a profit in the first quarter after years of losses. Nonetheless, Macrovision is on the prowl for a buyer willing to take the print magazine without its Web site. - Read the whole story...

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