Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Catsup on the News

Just a hodge-podge of news to pass along before the 5 o'clock whistle on Friday afternoon:

What A Character! Licensing Revenues Holding Their Own
by Sarah Mahoney
[Retail] Licensing continues to be a significant sales driver in both toys and video games, reports NPD Group. In dollar sales, almost half -44%--of all video game software sales come from licensed video games. In the last 12 months, that means licensed video games generated $4.2 billion in sales. - Read the whole story...

M&M's Goes Tongue-In-Cheek For Ice Cream Treats Introduction
by Karlene Lukovitz
[Food] "M&M's has a personal relationship with consumers," agrees Lynn Doll, president of PR firm Rogers Group. "Everyone has his or her favorite color-I bought personalized ones for my husband in his favorite color, in fact. That kind of relationship is what every brand covets, and it's the reason that M&M is so successful with product extensions." - Read the whole story...

Despite Controversy Over Rules, DTC Ads Seen As Effective
by Aaron Baar
[Pharma] Putting a doctor in an ad doesn't convey effectiveness or safety. According to the Rodale survey, three-quarters of American consumers said having a doctor appear in an ad makes no difference in efficacy claims, and nearly as many said an appearance didn't enhance its perceived safety. But they did talk to their doctors about them, as suggested in the ads. - Read the whole story...

Organic/Natural Products Enjoy 35% Market Growth, Per Study
by Karl Greenberg
[Research] "The recent drive toward healthy and green living has consumers placing a high degree of trust in the 'all natural' claim for personal care products," says Christopher Haack, senior analyst at Mintel. Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market for natural and organic personal care: 74% of their total personal care product purchases were classified as being natural and organic. - Read the whole story...

RadioShack Aims To Boost Father's Day Sales With Lessons
by Tameka Kee
[Retail] Driving immediate sales is not the retailer's primary goal. According to Buck Krawczyk, VP/marketing at Powered, real value stems from two main areas--giving RadioShack the ability to leverage the "gratitude effect," and the consumer insights that Powered's social education platform can provide. - Read the whole story...

North American Prepared Salads Growth Outpacing Europe
by Karlene Lukovitz
[Food] Euromonitor International describes the medium-to-long-term outlook for the category in both North America and elsewhere as "vibrant": Sales in developed markets should rebound strongly as the obesity epidemic worsens, and new opportunities will emerge in developing economies as they adopt Westernized diets and experience concomitant health problems. - Read the whole story...

Gen Y Fears Wrinkles: Cosmeceutical Sales To Hit $21 Billion
by Sarah Mahoney
[Packaged Goods] "The assortment of cosmeceutical products is constantly broadening," says Timothy Dowd, senior analyst and author of the report. "I even expect to see products begin to claim to have aphrodisiac properties-if cosmeceuticals can help with so many other problems, why not that? It's the next logical evolution." - Read the whole story...

Driven By Trends, Nestle Purina Moves Into Pet Health Insurance
by Aaron Baar
[Financial Services] The company will lean upon its well-known brand portfolio and iconography, which includes Puppy, Dog, Kitten and Cat Chow, and treats such as Beggin' Strips and T-Bonz, for marketing. Much of the initial messaging will be tied to the Internet, from Purina brand Web sites to search marketing and banners. - Read the whole story...

Verizon Offers Workshops For The PDA-Challenged
by Laurie Sullivan
[Telecom] Sending the message that anyone can do it, Verizon is promoting the service through press and word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers who walk into retail stores will see in-store displays, posters in storefront windows or fliers on countertops with information on the class focus, days and times. - Read the whole story...

Jiffy Lube Offers 'Fuel Efficiency Review,' Gas Card

More Airlines Charging For Bags

Burger King, Pokemon Team For Global Promo

American Greetings Gets Access To Film Library

Anti-Smoking Campaign Hits The Road

Country Stars Team With Reactor Watches, Dillard's

Hershey Ties In With New Batman Sequel

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