Thursday, June 23, 2011

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Daily Sales Tip: Try Not to Let It Bother You

There's no such thing as rejection. Somebody saying "no" is just like somebody saying "yes." "No" is just a word, like "yes" is a word, except we put all these connotations on certain words: "No" is bad and "yes" is wonderful. Here's the key - if I don't give "no" any power, then it doesn't stick to me. I can keep getting "no'd" and it doesn't matter. Eventually, the more I keep going the more "yeses" I will get.

Sometimes I get asked by salespeople if sales is something you're born with or something you can learn. That's a hard one to answer. I think it's unquestionable that some people are born with the skill to communicate more effectively than others - it's in their DNA. Can you teach someone how to sell? Yes, you can give them all the skills sets, but eventually they still have to do it.

In all these years that I've been selling, nothing has changed. I'm constantly looking at how I am doing it. What should I say? What should I not say? I can come out of a sale knowing I did all the right things and still not get an order, and still, I will feel great because they weren't ready to buy at that time.

There's no point in beating myself up, if I take it personally, or feel rejected, everything stops: I'll never get out of bed. That's why "no's" don't matter. Being told "drop dead and go away" doesn't mean anything; it's just their opinion, and has nothing to do with me or with you.

So if I do get fed up, I just make a choice: How long do I want to be fed up for? Answer: I only want to do it for seconds. I have got my life ahead of me and if I take it personally and get upset nothing is going to happen except I'm going to blame someone else, and then it's a spiral into the abyss - the downward elevator to despair doesn't make for sales.

So keep your chin up and spirits high -- set your sights on winning the sale and you will always succeed.

Source: Motivatioanal speaker Jeff Gee

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