Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Price Questions are Not Price Objections

Some of you may have seen this tip last week. Google Blogger was offline shortly after it originally appeared and I had a couple of compliments so here it is again.

Very important info:

Daily Sales Tip: When the Customer Has Price Concerns

Don't dismiss the buyer when they push back. I often hear this comment: "If they push back on price, we don't want them! Pushing back on price is an indicator that a client will be high maintenance or worse down the road."

That might not be the case. Buyers are often taught to challenge price in multiple ways. Just because they challenge you doesn't mean they are bad people or are destined to be bad clients. It also doesn't mean they're challenging your value personally.

It often means they're trying to figure out how to engage you and your solutions. Some providers discount; others don't. They're just asking. Hold your ground and treat them reasonably in the process, and oftentimes they'll just come around.

Source: Sales/marketing consultant Mike Schultz

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