Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lessons from Lance

Every once in awhile, I like to dig thru the 5000+ stories I have put on this site in the past 6 years like this one from my archives, July 2005:

Many of us know what to do, we just don't do it, or we use too many shortcuts that hurt us in the end. There are others who take action without knowing what to do, again, by not having enough knowledge. The Key to many things in life is balance between the two.

Recently I received an excellent e-mail:

Lance Has What It Takes
Lance has what it takes and then some.

Did you know . . .

Lance looks at every single detail.

He weighs his food every day to maintain proper nutrition.

He trains, he does research, and he pays attention to the appropriate

He seeks out the best and the brightest when he needs help with
anything - anything.

In winning the Tour de France a record and consecutive seven times he
cycled over 15,000 miles.

Some say what he accomplished (each race) is the equivalent of running
21 marathons in a row.

He studies the best including Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Wayne
Gretzky for inspiration.

He greets every morning with enthusiasm.

He almost retired in 1998. He almost retired in 1998. He almost did,
but obviously he didn't.

He believes anything can be done with hard work.

He is 33 years old and out cycled a bunch of 20-something competitors.

He has talent and brings a single minded commitment to work every day.

To say he's pretty good is an understatement of course. His approach
to his sport can be applied to your approach to sales. Yeah - sure it
can. The fact that it can, won't necessarily make it happen.

This is where the hard work kicks in. Take a gander at these

1. What training are you doing to improve your sales performance?

2. What research are you doing to get better at what you do?

3. Who do you seek out when you want to improve a particular business

4. Who are your business heroes and are you studying how they achieved

5. What do you routinely prepare and practice to gain competitive
advantage in your work?

6. Do you possess a single minded commitment to your work?

These are tough questions and sad to say only the 5% club (The tough
guys/gals) will work their way through them. There's nothing special
about Lance. What he does is special. How he thinks is special. His
attitude is special. His focus is special. His preparation is
legendary and of course special. His training is special. His
technique is special. His results are also extremely special.

Red Barber once said, "There is no one in the world quite like you.
So don't water your wine."

So buckle up and step up to the plate called life. Make every day
count and make ever day a masterpiece.

Lance Armstrong has what it takes. I know you have what it takes - I
hope you do too!

Jim Meisenheimer

(800) 266-1268

E-mail: jim@meisenheimer.com

Website: http://www.meisenheimer.com

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