Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fresh Ideas

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Carvertising campaign rewards drivers with gas
Automotive / Marketing & advertising

In a carvertising campaign from Singapore shopping magazine Chic
and Chevron's Caltex gas brand, drivers get gasoline worth SGD 50
in exchange for having an advertising decal affixed to their cars.

Chicken-sitting service for (sub)urban flocks
Homes & housing

Just Us Hens is a Portland-based venture dedicated to tending
local hens when their owners go away on holiday. The service
includes twice daily visits to feed the birds and let them out and in.

Trip-planning site helps find globetrotting companions
Tourism & travel / Life hacks

Globetrooper lets world travellers find like-minded companions to
share a jointly planned group trip. Trip ideas on the site can be ranked
according to difficulty, culture shock, remoteness and risk.

Tide helps disaster victims with free laundry services
Non-profit, social cause / Marketing & advertising

Inspired by the Hurricane Katrina disaster five years ago, detergent
brand Tide's Loads of Hope program is a mobile laundry service that
provides clothes-washing facilities to families affected by disaster.

Brand-sponsored being space for creatives
Marketing & advertising

Wix Lounge in Manhattan is a being space for creative professionals.
It's equipped with workstations, wifi and comfy seating. Software
developer Wix will host events there such as web design workshops.

Festival jackets & bags made from abandoned tents
Style & design / Eco & sustainability / Fashion & beauty

WiTHiNTENT in the UK salvages the fabric from tents abandoned
at music festivals and uses it to create rainproof hoodies, ponchos,
pac-a-macs and bags for the festival market.

Contest chooses apps to help fight childhood obesity
Government / Lifestyle & leisure / Telecom & mobile

The US Department of Agriculture has challenged game designers
and other software developers to come up with applications that
deliver nutrition and health concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Five businesses that look to the crowds for content
Marketing & advertising / Entertainment / Media & publishing

Crowdsourced business names, a news site where readers pick
the stories, decision advice via social networks, crowdcasting tools
for radio, and a TV show where viewers decide what happens next.

Urban campground to be crowd-funded & managed
Lifestyle & leisure / Eco & sustainability

Stadscamping Zwolle is launching a sustainable urban campground
that will be funded and managed by members. A EUR 35 fee covers
two nights stay plus voting rights on how the camp should be run.

Home energy monitor for less than $30
Eco & sustainability / Style & design

Consumers wishing to monitor their electricity use plug an appliance
into a Belkin Conserve Insight and use it as normal for a while.
Belkin's device will detail the running cost in watts, money and CO2.

Trial gear and showers for runners at Adidas store
Retail / Lifestyle & leisure / Marketing & advertising

Sports brand Adidas has a store in Tokyo that doubles as an urban
running club. There are shower cubicles and lockers for rent, plus
expert advisers who will provide tips and lend out shoes and clothing.

'Mobs' donate elbow grease to sustainable farms
Eco & sustainability / Food & beverage

The Crop Mob is a US organisation through which volunteers
descend on one lucky sustainable farm each month, and set
about tasks it would take the farmers months to complete alone.

Device lets workers exercise at their desks
Lifestyle & leisure

The DeskMate from New York-based Compactix can be used to burn
calories, decrease fatigue, flex muscles and relieve stress, even while
simultaneously typing, reading or talking on the phone.

Letting consumers choose their own phone number
Telecom & mobile

Name Your Number works with mobile operators internationally
to provide custom numbers based on existing numbers, dates,
lucky numbers or alphanumeric matches to a significant word.

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