Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ask First

I have an easy job, if I keep it easy. The best way for me to sell something is to ask questions and listen. But not everyone has learned this lesson, so I'm sharing this with you today from the Marketing Technology Blog:

Dec 14, 2009 10:37 am | Erik Deckers

My wife finally had a chance to replace her 8-year-old laptop, which was starting to function more like a Brother word processor from the late 80s, only not as fast. It was a Dell with 512 MB RAM, and a 80 MB RAM hard drive. It was slow, unstable, and the crank-up handle had snapped off the front. She ended up buying a Samsung Netbook from Best Buy.

Okay, that’s not very blog-worthy, but there’s actually a lesson in it.

Because we didn’t start out looking at Best Buy in the first place.

As an enthusiastic gearhead, I love Fry’s. They don’t have the movie and music selection Best Buy has, but they’ve got more electronics than you even knew imagined. Even the Amish will invariably buy something. Didn’t know they made USB-powered keyboard warmers? I didn’t either, but if they’ve got it, I’ll buy it. And they’ve probably got it.

So I took my wife to the laptop section at Fry’s, after she did some research on Patric Welch’s website, and showed her what netbooks could do for her. Since most of her stuff was online, and because she is fairly mobile, the netbook was her best choice.

As we looked around at the more than 12 choices, she got a little frustrated, because there didn’t seem to be any difference between them, other than price.

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