Sunday, October 18, 2009

Social Media Perspective

Nearly everyday I get new Twitter Followers. I really don't know why. I won't automaticly follow them back. I'm not out to change the entire world.

I am looking to be involved in my own community but I'm not going to travel around the world for a client. (Unless it was a really, really good offer.)

But that offer would have to be true to my own goals.

Seth wrote yesterday about the perspective we should have with Social media:

"Notice me"

If the new web has a mantra, that's it.

So much time and effort is now put into finding followers, accumulating comments and generating controversy... all so that people will notice you. People say and do things that don't benefit them, just because they're hooked on attention.

Attention is fine, as long as you have a goal that is reached in exchange for all this effort.

Far better than being noticed:

  • Trusted
  • Engaged with
  • Purchased from
  • Discussed
  • Echoed
  • Teaching us
  • Leading

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