Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social Media Fear?

If you are reading this on my blog, then you either:

  1. Don't realize this is a part of "Social Media"
  2. Are not afraid of "Social Media"
One or the other.

In my everyday world of advertising and marketing; family and friends; work and volunteering; etc., there is still a lot of Social Media Fear.

Even those that use Facebook, are not sure that they want to use it, because of fear of the unknown. Twitter users that I know, seem to be less fearful.

Seth Godin wrote about fear recently. See if you can relate:

Fear of apples

At the farmer's market the other day, not one but three people (perfect strangers) asked me what sort of apple to buy. What do I look like, some sort of apple expert? Apparently.

In our industrialized world, people are now afraid of apples. Afraid of buying the wrong kind. Afraid of making a purchasing mistake or some sort of pie mistake.

And they're afraid of your product and your service. Whatever you sell, there are two big reasons people aren't buying it:

1. They don't know about it.

2. They're afraid of it.

If you can get over those two, then you get the chance to prove that they need it and it's a good value. But as long as people are afraid of what you sell, you're stuck.

People are afraid of tax accountants, iPods, chiropractors, non-profits, insurance brokers and fancy hotels. They're afraid of anything with too many choices, too many opportunities to look foolish or to waste time or money.

Hey, they're even afraid of apples.

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