Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 Steps

Adapted from an email I read earlier this month from Jim Meisenheimer:

A 10-Step Checklist For
Achieving Spectacular Selling
Results In The 4th Quarter

Here's a simple 10-step checklist for achieving
spectacular selling results during the 4th quarter.

As sure as the sun rises and sets each and everyday
you can achieve better selling results by doing some
little things you ordinarily might not be doing
throughout the year.

The 4th quarter isn't about winding down - it's really
about gearing up. This 10 step checklist is designed
to grab your sales prospect's and customer's attention.

These little things will demonstrate your professionalism
and telegraph to your sales prospects and customers
that you really care about them and their businesses.

Get ready for some real-quick brainstorming as you work
your way through this checklist.

1. If you're not already doing quarterly business reviews
with your 10 biggest customers hurry up and schedule one
during this 4th quarter.

It's the perfect way to put everything on the table and
to discuss all the issues affecting your business -
including getting some new

2. During these business reviews be sure to ask these
questions. What's working? What's not working? What's
on the planning and drawing board for the near-term and
long-term? If there are problems you should know about

If there are any sales opportunities you should know
about these too. These questions will do all the heavy
lifting for you.

3. Develop a greeting card strategy for your top 50
customers and your top 20 high potential sales prospects.

Endless possibilities - Thanksgiving card, Christmas
card, and don't forget a New Years card.

4. Do at least one lumpy mailing to the same top 50
customers and top 20 sales prospects. Include a one-page
special incentive/offer for one of your products or

Note - lumpy mail gets opened. When I was doing
my no-brainer boot camps I included a stress reliever
shaped like a brain - complete with a call to action and
my phone number.

This not only gets attention it attracts new business.
I get my stress relievers here and they have dozens to
choose from: http://adcomarketing.com

5. Send a personal hand written note in October that says
something like "Thank you for your business during 2009
and an even bigger thank you for any additional business
you may have for us before the end of the year -
December 31st!"

For added impact you can telephone and follow-up with a
personal thank you and while you have them on the
telephone ask if they have any additional business for
you before the end of the year.

You're in sales - so it's okay to ask!

6. FAX a one-page special offer, reminder, incentive etc.
Include your photo to personalize it even more. Now that
everybody uses e-mail the FAX machine has become a dinosaur.

Yet it's almost impossible to walk past a fax machine
without looking to see if there are any new faxes.

Unlike e-mail, the message is on a sheet of paper that has
a longer life than most e-mails which are quickly deleted.

7. Ask the following question at least once during the
4th quarter. Ideally you want to ask this question when
you are face-to-face with your sales prospects and best
customers. "What can I do to help you get a jumpstart to
the first quarter of 2010?"

It's a great question and makes you sound extremely
interested and professional.

8. Ask your sales manager to schedule sales calls with
you, to your 10 biggest customers.

The purpose of these calls is to say "Thank you for your
business and what else can we do for you to make 2010
even better for you?"

9. Get the president of your company to send a personal
handwritten note to your largest account. It's a terrific
example of high touch in the high-tech world we live in.

The card from your president to your best customer is
unique recognition. And everybody loves recognition.

10. One of the best ways to increase sales is to create
a sense of urgency. By saying there are only 27 units
available it creates a sense of urgency. Placing a time
frame on a special offer - this offer is good until
3:30 PM November 15 is also a good way to create a sense
of urgency.

Most people place a higher value on scarcity than on
abundance. Selling scarcity will accelerate the
decision-making process for your customers.

Ability and visibility are a dynamic duo for
entrepreneurs and professional salespeople. This
10-step checklist will create added sales and marketing
visibility you can use to achieve spectacular 4th quarter
selling results.

Favorite Quote

Getting people to like you is merely the other side
of liking them.

Norman Vincent Peale

Jim Meisenheimer | 13506 Blythefield Terrace | Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 | 941-907-0415

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