Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday Night Marketing News

While all the Bad News has been on G.M. & Chrysler, Ford continues to have a Better Idea:

by Aaron Baar
"The band likes it because they've got a new, cool way to get connected to their fans," says Russell Wallach, president of north American Alliances at Live Nation. "It's also good for IE8 because Nickelback has a predominantly young male audience to put IE8 in front of." ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
While the news has been unrelentingly bad from Detroit, the domestic automakers based there have actually performed well in recent studies by firms like J.D. Power & Associates, AutoPacific, and Strategic Vision. Ford takes top honors in two new studies. ... Read the whole story > >
by Tanya Irwin
"We intend to rejuvenate the ReNu brand by making it more relevant to consumers," Adnan A. Khan, senior product manager, lens care, tells Marketing Daily. "The name and packaging change are a part of a broader ReNu strategy that will help simplify the consumer buying experience based on their respective needs." ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
The company today launches the program with an integrated ad campaign that includes a pair of TV spots, plus print and interactive elements. The TV spots show a Hyundai car tooling along the highway followed by a gasoline tanker, while voiceover reinforces the idea that the offer is not so much an incentive as a service in tough times. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karlene Lukovitz
In response to Starbucks' release, the Corn Refiners Association issued its own, maintaining that brands using the removal of HFCS from products in "highly publicized marketing campaigns" are disingenuously feeding into consumer misperceptions. The "misleading 'health' halo" created by such campaigns "is starting to dim" as myths are addressed in the media, CRA maintained. ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
Marketing Daily speaks with the authors of The Cost of Bad Behavior, who think widespread rudeness oozes into advertising messages, and that rude corporate cultures pass those put-downs on to potential customers, as well as their employees. ... Read the whole story > >

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