Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Night Marketing News

Hmmm Chocolate Brewski's are returning. Click on the headline below from Mediapost.

by Karl Greenberg
The effort, "Flex Insider," developed by Ford and ad agency Team Detroit/JWT, was a five-city program that gave invited intelligentsia--from lifestyle media to radio deejays, architects, agency creative types, and musicians--a tour of the vehicle, and then an urban tour in fleets of the vehicles to local galleries, restaurants and nightspots. ...Read the whole story >>
by Sarah Mahoney
While the news is certainly downbeat for retailers, there are pockets of opportunity to connect with shoppers, NPD notes. In the same seven-month period, for example, coupon use among the same survey group has risen from 23% to 27%, and those who are shopping at sales have increased to 28% from 25%. ...Read the whole story >>
by Nina M. Lentini
This is the second of a three-part plan to restore growth of the brand. The first was getting the right team in place. "We are now completing the second phase--refreshing the brand to emphasize fresh, delicious seafood prepared with culinary expertise," says a spokesperson. "The third phase of the plan is to begin growing new units again, which is starting this year." ...Read the whole story >>
by Karlene Lukovitz
Reasons cited in Omnicom's survey for eating fast food less often included: eating at home to save money (84%); taking lunch to save money (35%); fast-food price increases have made it less affordable (26%); and higher ingredient prices have led to a decrease in the food's quality (13%). ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
As official Coca-Cola spokesperson, Mexican football goalkeeper Francisco Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa will make customer appearances, do autograph signings, and participate in meet and greets with U.S. fans. Coca-Cola has been one of the major partners of the Mexican National Team for 30 years and expanded the marketing relationship to the U.S. in 2003. ...Read the whole story >>

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