Saturday, August 27, 2011

Confirm those orders with an Email

I've seen some pretty good email marketing campaigns and I've seen even more crappy campaigns. shares some tips keep you out of the crapper:

Five Tips for Creating Effective Transactional Emails

"Most online retailers have little insight into the performance of their transactional emails, from basic deliverability characteristics to more sophisticated behavioral data once the emails have been sent," writes Emily Keye at the Bronto blog.

That is a surprising fact when you consider transactional emails enjoy astounding open rates—up to 75% in some cases, according to Keye. So before you confirm an online order or send shipping details, consider advice like this:

First and foremost, make sure your email reaches a customer's inbox. Keye suggests sending transactional email from a unique IP address. "If an ISP, receiver or blacklist blocks your promotional messages," she notes, "your transactional messages will not be affected."

Use subject lines that accurately describe the email's purpose. Recipients might scan only the first few words, while mobile devices might cut off the last few. So don't bury critical terms like "Order Confirmation" or "Shipping Confirmation" at the end of a subject line: Put them right up front.

Provide a detailed overview of the transaction. It's not enough to thank a customer for an order and promise it'll ship soon. Put basic information—including order numbers, product descriptions, prices paid and customer service contacts—in a prominent location.

Don't overwhelm customers with additional offers. It's perfectly okay to suggest complementary products, but place these relevant offers at the bottom of the email, or off to the side. "No more than 20% of your messages should be devoted to promotional content," says Keye.

Deliver transactional email with lightning speed. Consumers are accustomed to nearly instant confirmation; if yours takes longer than usual, they might be irritated or concerned.

The Po!nt: Confirm with clarity. Impress your customers with transactional messages that tell them what they want to know, when they want to know it.

Source: Bronto.

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