Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Worst You Can Be

from my email:

Daily Sales Tip: Salespeople Are Pushy

We've asked hundreds of people what word comes to mind when we say "Salesperson." The most common answer is "Pushy." It's likely when you cold-call prospects they think you will be pushy so they refuse an appointment.

Here's how you earn their respect as a sales professional:

-- Identify the decision-maker. Research who you want to talk to before trying to talk to that person. Research online, by calling the business, or by stopping in. Ask staff who makes the decisions, obtain information about the decision-maker, and how does that person like to communicate: phone, e-mail, or drop-by.

-- Get to the point. Be direct and concise. Tell decision-makers why you are contacting them and what your intentions are.

-- Give them a benefit. Tell them what is in it for them if they take time to meet with you.

-- Be persistent, not pushy. There's a fine line. If at first you do not get an appointment, send marketing articles that can be helpful to them and their business. Let them know you want to provide the best service, but not be pushy and it is up to them to tell you if you cross the line.

Source: John Potter, VP/Training, RAB

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