Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Night Marketing News from Mediapost

Just a word of warning that there may be a couple of days this week that I will not have access to the web to provide you with this evening update from Mediapost on this site.

If this is the case, I already have a couple of articles ready to go that qualify as Collective Wisdom.

Here's tonight's update:

by Karl Greenberg
Call it Madison, Vine and Houston. 7-Eleven is sending someone into space as part of a campaign around the Steven Spielberg-produced Paramount sci-fi horror feature "Super 8," which hits theaters next week. The capstone in the effort is an honest-to-goodness trip into near-orbit for the winner of a Foursquare location-based promotion. Private aerospace firm Space Adventures, Ltd. is providing the seat into suborbital space. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karlene Lukovitz
As all experienced marketers know, product launches don't always pan out exactly the way they were envisioned. But the unexpected outcome isn't always failure. Sometimes, it's a realization that there's actually a different and more profitable market for the product. ...Read the whole story >>
by Aaron Baar
The new 10-minute film, which is being shown at, profiles two Chinese wedding photographers, Kitty and Lala, who take stunning and creative wedding photos (such as a kitschy fairy tale and a tongue-in-cheek portrait of soccer fans in tracksuits) and also run one of China's most popular blogs. ...Read the whole story >>
by Sarah Mahoney
The National Retail Federation reports that people are more willing to dabble in social commerce than many retailers realize, with 42% of those who shop online saying they at least occasionally "follow" a store on social media. More than 56% of Facebook users have clicked through to a retail site, while 67% of Twitter users have done so. ...Read the whole story >>
Financial Services
by Tanya Irwin
The promotion began June 2 at midnight and runs through June 9. FarmVille players can get "double mastery" points on crops and trees harvested within seven days when they place a Capital One Visigoth statue on their farms. The double mastery points help players advance to higher levels in the game at a faster pace. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
Rather than drive volume with advertising, the company has deals with third-party aggregators and has a retail-based fleet distribution channel. The online program involves placement on travel sites like Expedia, and Orbitz; regional travel web sites in places like Germany and Japan; and through travel companies like Virgin Holidays. ...Read the whole story >>

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