Friday, June 03, 2011

Government Spending and some less Annoying Topics

First off, I'm sure the amount of $$ our government spent to redesign the Food Pyramid from a triangle into a circle was outrageous.

But enough with that, let's just look at the rest of the Friday Night Marketing News from Mediapost...

by Karlene Lukovitz
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's just-unveiled replacement for the decades-old, complex and much-criticized food pyramid graphic -- a plate divided into food groups shown in the recommended portions -- is meeting with a largely positive response from groups ranging from nutritionists and consumer advocates to food producers. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
About 54% of clients surveyed by a brand protection agency in the U.K. this year said they would acquire TLD extensions of their brand names. He said several brands, including Canon, Hitachi, Unicef, and Deloitte, have said they would do so. As have the cities of Paris, (.Paris) and New York, and the League of Arab States, which has plans to grab ".Arab." ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
While past "Just Do It" campaigns have featured the likes of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and LeBron James, this year's effort is focused on Nike 6.0 action sports athletes like skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, surfer Laura Enever, snowboarder Danny Kass and freestyle BMXer Garrett Reynolds. ...Read the whole story >>
by Tanya Irwin
Scoring 864 out of 1,000 points, the Madison, Wis.-based insurer performs well in the policy offerings and distribution channel factors, primarily driven by the performance of their exclusive agents. Rounding out the top three are Auto-Owners Insurance, with an overall average satisfaction score of 860, and Erie Insurance, with 857. ...Read the whole story >>
by Sarah Mahoney
Saks posted a whopping 20.2% gain, in part because of a timing shift with a promotional event. But even without that change, it says sales would have shown a percentage gain in the mid-teens, fueled by a strong demand for women's designer apparel, shoes, handbags, and accessories; men's clothing, shoes, and accessories; jewelry; cosmetics; and fragrances. ...Read the whole story >>
by Aaron Baar
People are interested in finding ways to lower their electricity bills, but they're still in the dark about how upgrading to a smart grid or other electricity management systems might help them do so, says the Consumer Electronics Association. ...Read the whole story >>

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