Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl, Super Fans, Super Web Users?

It starts in a few hours. I'll be watching, will you?

Sports and Leisure: How Web Savvy Are Super Bowl Fans?

Super Bowl advertisers take note. A new study by The Media Audit reveals that 41.6% of U.S. adults who regularly follow the Super Bowl on TV or radio are also considered heavy Internet users, spending three or more hours in the typical day online. Furthermore, Super Bowl fans are more likely than the general population to surf popular websites and make online purchases.

According to the national study, 71% of those who regularly follow the Super Bowl have made one or more online purchase in the last year, compared to 64.6% for the general population. Furthermore, 47.5% have made five or more purchases within the past year and 26.7% have made at least twelve purchases in the past year.

The same study reveals that Super Bowl fans are more likely to visit the web pages of newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations. Among Super Bowl fans, 41.7% have made a visit in the past month to a TV network website, compared to 36.5% of the general population. As a result, Super Bowl fans are 16% more likely to visit a TV network's website. Super Bowl fans are also 16% more likely to have visited a radio station's website in the past month and 17% more likely to have visited the website of a major daily newspaper.

One in four Super Bowl fans regularly or occasionally visit an automobile website, compared to 21.9% for the general population. Among some of the more popular automotive specific websites visited are and Six percent of Super Bowl fans have visited in the past month, a figure that is 30% higher when compared to the general population, and 7.9% have visited for automobiles, a figure that is 10% higher when compared to the general population.

(Source: The Media Audit, 01/31/11)

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