Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Ad Campaigns

Last week Amy did daily previews of Superbowl ads. She's back to her weekly schedule today:

Super Bowl Recap and a few newbies. Let's launch!


Can we talk... about whether that was Joan Rivers' actual body in that Go Daddy ad? If it is, bring on the geriatric, plastic-surgery time of my life.

1My top three big game ads were Chrysler's "Born of Fire," created by Weiden+Kennedy Portland; NFL's "American Family," by Grey New York; and Volkswagen Passat's "The Force," created by Deutsch LA.

My least favorite ads were Groupon's "Tibet," by Crispin, Porter + Bogusky;'s "The Reviews are in," by DDB Chicago; and Lipton Brisk's "Eminem," by Mekanism, San Francisco.

2Did you like the user-created choices that Doritos and Pepsi Max aired during the big game? I guessed 2 out of 3 correct for Doritos but only 1 of 3 right for Pepsi Max. Doritos' "Pug Attack" tied for first place on the USA Today Ad Meter, scoring the ad's creator $1 million.

For more in-depth Super Bowl ad coverage, check out my Media Creativity column from Monday.

Now, onto a few new ads that launched during the Super Bowl hype.

3Nike launched "Throwdown" this week, a 90-second TV spot promoting Nike FREE, its line of minimalist running and training shoes. Not as simplistic as Vibram Five-Fingers, but close. Directed by Jake Scott, the TV spot takes viewers through a series of athletes who are challenging each other in "sport offs," with each athlete executing his or her best move. If only I could move like them. Athletes slam-dunk a basketball with ease, breakdance, jump atop a stability ball and balance on it, and jump inside the back of a pick-up truck from a standing position. I'm on the level of the adorable girl who attempts a cartwheel and sticks out her tongue. I can relate to the last portion of the ad that shows runners completing a race and admiring their fast times, thanks to Nike FREEs. Watch the ad here. There's also a great women's version of the ad, showcasing women basketball players, roller derby teams and track stars. See it here. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

4I love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich after a long run. Target created a 15-second spot that illustrates a love for peanut butter to a higher degree. An adorable young boy sticks one hand in the peanut butter jar, the other in the jelly jar, scoops out an extreme amount of each, combines, and then eats. The ad, of course, is advertising Target's line of bread. See the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

5Meet Alejandro, a bullfighting almond that dares to steal the thunder away from Mr. Peanut. The ad promotes Planters Flavor Grove Almonds, nuts with kick, just like Alejandro. Even the two ladies (madame butterflies?) who accompany Mr. Peanut out on the town can't resist talking about Alejandro... right in front of Mr. Peanut. Watch the ad here, created by Being NY.

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