Friday, March 19, 2010

What's better than Free?

Pat McGraw explains:

Have you ever been given something and felt less than overjoyed?

Remember that feeling when you plan out your content marketing strategy – please. Try to avoid the “manufacturing line” approach that is fixated on quantity.

Instead, think about the intended recipient and focus on providing them with something unique and valuable – from their perspective, not yours.

And be brave enough to say “No!” when you realize that you are creating something that isn’t unique or valuable for your audience because underwhelming them is not acceptable.

Remember that your audience is bombarded with messages every day and they are looking for reasons to disengage rather than engage – they want to simplify their lives, not add more complexity to them. And when you try to give them something that they don’t want or value, you give them a reason to disengage from you.

Oh, and I highly recommend reading Dean Rieck’s post, Has “Free” Become Cliche?. I firmly believe that “free” works – but you have to be creative and focused on the recipient in order for it to build your business.

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